Monday, January 31, 2011


Finally I have managed to gather the friends necessary to disassemble Element and bring her home. I've unloaded the beams and deck pieces and am making homes for them in my shop and have have extended my shop by an additional 20ft x 10ft with a tarp style carport. Wednesday I plan to build the cradles to support the hulls inverted. Once those are built I'll be able to remove them from the trailer and flip them over. These should give me the best access and angle to work on the keels in the coming months, and it will free up much needed space to have the trailer out of the shop.

A big thanks goes out to Charles Price, Nick Traini, and Russel Lackey for help with the boat on that cold winter day, and a very big thanks goes out to the Gods and Goddesses of fair weather for giving me a 65 deg day in January to lift my spirits and allow me to build the carport in shorts. I'm forever grateful!